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The benefit of 'been there, seen it and got the t-shirt' in negotiating dilapidations settlements

Managing dilapidations negotiations and delivering strategic dilapidations advice are services that many surveying practices offer to the commercial property industry. What then, is the differentiator that informs a Landlord or Tenant decision to appoint a dilapidations surveyor? Many would argue that it is the ability to be a strong communicator that is vital, others would stress the importance of legislative knowledge. Whilst these play an important part in our dilapidations service offering, we would argue that the most important attribute is the strength of commercial business acumen.

Been there: Have they operated in challenging marketing conditions before?

Seen it: Have they seen and understood the commercial drivers experienced by both Landlords and Tenants?

Got the T-Shirt: Have they proven their skillset in negotiating and delivering commercial settlements?

It is vital for both Landlords and Tenants, that their surveyor is not only expert in dilapidations matters, but more importantly, knows how to apply pragmatic, commercial negotiation tactics to achieve positive settlements.


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