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Sustainable Office Development pushes up the Government Agenda

The Times recently reported that current government proposals are considering that new offices and commercial premises will be required to install better ventilation systems to help reduce the spreads of airborne diseases such as Covid-19.

The proposal suggests that offices would have to have systems that can provide fresh air at 50 per cent higher rates that the existing minimum standards, enabling an increased ventilation rate to be used during a period when infection rates are raised, such as in a future pandemic. The ventilation system would also have to be able to prevent re-circulating between different rooms unless cleaning or filtering technology was in place.

This is another indication to the commercial property industry that sustainable development is no longer a choice, but is becoming a necessity, in order to future proof office assets. Whilst the government proposals appear to be considering new developments, sustainable improvement in building services is also becoming a key trend within the refurbishment of existing office stock throughout the UK. Devonshire Partnership recently project managed the wholesale replacement of the air conditioning and mechanical ventilation systems to a listed multi occupied office in the heart of the City of London. The works were implemented to greatly improve the energy efficiency of the building and will also provide improved air ventilation throughout the property.

For further information and to discuss your sustainable office re-development requirements, please contact Nathan Clark or Matt Tracey


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