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Delivering commercial property projects during Covid 19

Devonshire Partnership has won and completed new project instructions throughout the Covid-19 pandemic. Whilst the role of the Project Manager has not changed, due to the current operating environment, our team have adapted processes to achieve timescales, budget requirements and to reduce our client’s exposure to Covid-19 related risks. Key adaptations include:

1. Project design phase

The management of risk forms the backbone of good project management and the Covid pandemic has reinforced this. Risk is inherent in construction projects and a good project manager is always cognisant of this and how such risks can be managed. The pandemic has required the adaptation of material specifications to take into consideration manufacturing location and stock availability. Special consideration of project programmes has also proved necessary to take account of the risks Covid 19 has presented to timescales, which can be varied.

2. The tendering process

The Covid pandemic has brought the importance of a strong supply chain into sharp focus. During the tender process, it has proved vital to query contractor’s procurement methodology and ensure those tendering for work have realistically assessed procurement times and scheduling requirements and the effects this may have on costs. Devonshire Partnership has utilised early contractor engagement as an additional step to review Covid-19 operational approaches and delay mitigation strategies, if required to be enacted whilst on site. Such delays, we have found, can be caused by a myriad of external factors from the interruptions in the supply chain to disruption of statutory service functions.

3. Project team management

From the outset we ensure all team members are skilled across digital technology platforms to safeguard productive remote working practice across all the organisations involved in project delivery. Robust communication whilst always a priority, is of critical importance to project delivery during the Covid-19 operating environment.

For further information and to discuss your project services requirements further, please contact Matt Tracey at E: M: 07917 605 790


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