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Devonshire Partnership follows Government Guidelines regarding Covid-19 in support of our clients

Devonshire Partnerships key operational policies during Covid-19 cover three areas:

Agile working – utilisation of robust and agile IT infrastructure to support cloud and web-based applications such as Microsoft Teams, Zoom and secure online document sharing.

Continuity of services – Devonshire Partnerships’ Director delivered business model is at full operating capacity with no team members furloughed or considered to be in the ‘increased risk/vulnerable’ category, enabling a continuity of service for our client base.

Adherence to Government social distancing and hygiene measures – Whilst conducting essential inspections and site visits, all Directors are adhering to Government guidelines including social distancing, travel and the use of PPE

The procedures outlined above enables Devonshire Partnership to continue to provide Director delivered services to our clients, in support of their business requirements. For further information regarding our policies, please contact the Devonshire Partnership Directors.


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