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LOCATION   Brighton

SERVICES PROVIDED  Dilapidations, Neighbourly Matters

SECTOR  Leisure

CLIENT  Merlin Entertainments

Devonshire Partnership provided dilapidations and neighbourly matters advice regarding the Brighton Sea Life visitor attraction.


Brighton Aquarium is the second oldest aquarium still operating in the world. 

The landlord wished to re-develop the property above the  aquarium and needed to conduct  exploratory works within the aquarium to assess the structural viability.


The landlord had the right to do this under the lease, but our client, Merlin Enterainments, was concerned that the works could cause business interruption, loss of quiet enjoyment and affect the array of wildlife, including sharks which are very sensitive to noise.


Devonshire Partnership assessed the landlord’s proposals and monitored the works to ensure that the works proceeded without undue concern.

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